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Eight Weeks of Unlimited Classes & Training

Monday through Saturday from April 17 - June16 5:30a-10:00p daily at our new Downingtown location with a $1500 prize each for “Biggest Loser” & “Best Transformation”*

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*To be eligible for prizes, participants must weigh in at the gym between April 10-14

Maximize the Moment.

A message from CK Kellum - founder of BUILT Fitness

If you’re ready to maximize the moment — better yet, if you’re ready to become healthier and stronger so you can maximize ALL the moments of your life - you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a nationally-certified fitness instructor, nutritional advisor, motivational speaker and former NCAA track champion. I've been training individuals, groups and teams for over 15 years, helping my clients to lose weight, tone up, build strength, prepare for competition, and live much healthier lives!

BUILT launched in 2014 and I’m proud to say we're one of the fastest-growing fitness businesses in the mid-Atlantic. My team and I serve over 100 great clients in both Philadelphia and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. And though we're growing fast, we're always looking for motivated new personal training clients, and new members for our fast-paced, dynamic group and team training classes.

We work with people at all ability levels, from those who are just starting out with exercise to those who have extensive prior training and sports experience, and our clients include people from all walks of life - corporate executives, working professionals, and high school, college and professional athletes. I also personally work with a number of elite high school and college athletes, providing them with the intensive and specialized one-on-one training they need to prepare for their recruitment and draft journeys.

I hold a number of respected national training certifications, and have many years of experience putting them to work in everyday practice. I'm personable, smart, fun and outgoing. No matter who you are, my team and I will listen to your needs and goals, and help you get where you want to be one step at a time. I have a deep background in coaching, so I'll be able to help you make those behavioral and technical changes you need to get you to your goals.


Individual & Group Fitness Training

Workout Reboots

Weight Reduction & Fat Loss

Outdoor Workouts



Muscle Hypertrophy & Strength Gain


Flexibility & Balance

Tabata Training

Functional Training

Treadmill & Outdoor Running

Core Stability & Pilates

Spin Training

Nutritional Coaching & Support


Body Weight Training

Kettle Bells


ISSA—Certified Personal Trainer

NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers)

Holistic Yoga for Personal Trainers

Schwinn Certified Spinning Instructor

DSW Fitness Certified Sports Nutrition

First Aid, CPR, AED Certified

NCAA / National Track and Field Champion

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